Portland Concert with Laura Berryhill and Anton Mizerak

Portland Center for Spiritual Living, 6211 NE MartinLuther King Blvd., Portland

After my long travels I’m delighted to be back in Portland for this gorgeous early spring weather and to be playing a celebratory concert with my musical homies from Mt. Shasta. Laura Berryhill and Anton Mizerak are making a Northwest sojourn for a few concerts and a big thanks to the Portland Center for Spiritual Living for hosting our Portland/Vancouver area show on February 23rd. I love playing with these two, our trio show is an eclectic mix of acoustic world fusion, meditation tunes, Sanskrit chants and many other songs and chants inspired by world cultures. I’ll have a couple of new guitars to debut, and Anton and Laura will bring tabla, Tibetan bowls, keyboards, soulful harmonica, pennywhistle, and beautiful solo and harmony vocals to the mix. Laura also sings in lovely Scottish Gaelic, gorgeous and haunting all in the same breath.

For more info: www.pcsl.us www.facebook.com/portlandcsl/