"A guitarist of eclectic sensibilities and delicate technique. His music circles the globe in imagistic compositions." -Kimberly Hass, "Echoes" Executive Producer

"...the acoustic guitar player infusing his original melodies and Indian scales with a Celtic lilt." -John Diliberto, PRI radio host

"Michael Mandrell is a stellar guitarist and composer who strums your soul, transporting you to the vast, edifying and whimsical depths of your imagination.  He is a purely riveting, distinctive and mezmerizing performer." -Ric Sharette, Music Director, Salt Lake City, UT 



Notes From the Road

October  2019

So the exciting  news is I'll be starting up my guitar studio here in Portland for lessons and workshops, teaching from here in my home on N. Mt. Tabor. All levels of students are invited, from beginners to folks just wanting to add some variety to their playing. If you haven't discovered open tunings yet, then a whole new world of guitar voicings await. All of my pieces on the music player above are in open tunings, although I perform in standard tuning quite a bit as well. I'll soon be adding some house concerts and other performances for this fall/winter season, looking forward to seeing you all then.

June,  2019


Hello Friends......so 2019 got off to a lovely start with tours and concerts here and there. The high point was my tour in February with longtime friend and musical collaborator Benjy Wertheimer. We started with a raucous house concert here in Portland, Benjy joined me after I traveled out to Denver where we performed all along the front range in Colorado at various venues. We finished up in New Mexico with a well received Taos concert and a most excellent morning playing at the First Unitarian church in Albuquerque.

I continued on to Texas with house concerts in my old college town of Nacogdoches, joining up with my old Houston compadre Eric Avinger, one of the greatest guitarists I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I checked in at my hometown of Houston for a while and even drove over to Louisiana to catch the first weekend of Marti Gras in New Orleans.

The last month or so I've been here in awesome Portland playing local and regional gigs throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I'm off on the road end of June back to California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas again. I'm sure looking forward to seeing all the old friends there, and any new friends I'm sure to meet along the way!

As always I'll have my concert dates on the calendar, see you on down the road....



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Grateful Harmony concert at Unity Spiritual Enrichment Center in Port Townsend

3918 San Juan Ave., Port Townsend, WA. 98368

Music, Conversation and Ritual, exploring the sacred with Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil. Grateful Harmony is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your soul and visit those deep spaces you long to feel! Simon welcomes Michael as special guest this month on Saturday, September 22nd, 7 pm. http://unitypt.org/