Listen to Michael Play "Clarisse" Live from Returning & Returned


Returning and Returned

Michael Mandrell

A beautiful compilation of all original instrumental acoustic guitar. “Returning and Returned” captures the quintessential Mandrell; reflecting, bopping, grooving, dreaming and spinning a yarn.

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Notes from Celtistan

Michael Mandrell & Benjy Wertheimer

The range of musical innovation on this CD is positively stunning!

It's unpredictable and full of passion and refinement. Michael Mandrell is sublime, his compositions completely unique. Benjy Wertheimer collaborates with Michael for the second time - bringing his east Indian instrumentals on esraj and tabla. These artists take you on a journey where you can lose yourself in wondrous images. Their range is masterful as they combine an infinite number of Celtic orchestrations, Hindustani rhythms and jazz modes. It's inspired music, spontaneous and filled with deep and abiding soul — a true gift.

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Jenny Bird & Michael Mandrell

There are probably a handful of songs we could each name that have changed our lives, this one offers alters you with solace, safety and holiness.

The music on sanctuary is about solace, safety and holiness — it helps transmute the raw substance of our lives into gold and creates a space of sanctuary celebrating the sacred as we discover it in the midst of our daily lives. It is the special alchemy between Michael Mandrell and Jenny Bird that has audiences reveling in their musical magic. This is their first joint recording.

Michael’s instrumental guitar pieces are powerful tools of transformation. His music ranges from exuberant and joyful to lilting, melting, otherworldly. Jenny’s free-form vocal accompaniment to two of Michael’s songs reveals a glimpse of the wordless intimacy between these two great musicians.

It is worth noting that Sanctuary was recorded entirely “off-the-grid” in Omar Rane’s solar powered Tone Palace, surrounded by the art works of the late great Bill Rane.

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